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Light, Camera, Eggtion!

Eggtion is the working group by Nina Markiewicz and Mark Beckmann. We work in the new media sector, that means we are enthusiastic designers, skilled graphic artists and animators with heart and soul.

For you, we create, visualize, construct, model, design, make your world brighter and form your visions. In short, Eggtion draws up the perfect solution in the field of computer generated images for you!

3D is main area and pet issue at the same time. Our repertoire includes visualizations and animations for science, technic and architecture up to supreme discipline character animation where we like to pull the strings.
In the advertising area, we present your brand in the proper light, as well as we help you getting a splendid web appearance.

Due to the fact that all works come from “one hand”, Eggtion distinguishes itself with a high costumer focus and short communication paths. We are flexible and efficient – a key to a successful realization of your individual needs.