Dec 2016

My First Book of Tracks

clientRoland Maurmair

For the project „My first  by the artist Roland Maurmair, Eggtion offered multimedia support, to make the book’s amimals come alive through augmented reality.

Extract from the book:

My First Book of Tracks is a children’s book in which knowledge transfer happens by way of the archaic art of track reading, in combination with virtual information through augmented reality.
The content presents seven tracks of indigenous animals which are included in the book in the form of embossed prints. The opposite page, in each case, shows an illustration of the respective animal. With the help of the Book of Tracks app the image can be scanned with a Smartphone or tablet, and the animal, subsequently, visualized three-dimensionally on the paper.

Eggtion equipped the 3D animals via customized rigs with several motion sequences, which are played randomly. Further, there is an animation with sound, that starts via user click. 

The book presentation took place 14th of December 2016 at the 21erhaus in Vienna.

You can order “My First Book of Tracks” at