Mar 2007

Euro-Maus im Piratenland


All hands on deck!

In order of the Swiss WG-Verlag, we set sail for the mascot of the amusement park Europapark and created the 3d-animated intro of the PC game ‘Die Euro-Maus im Piratenland’.

The mascot of the Europapark, the ‘Euro-mouse’ was modelled, textured, rigged and then, the brave digital pirate mouse was sent out treasure hunting. Production time for the animation was three weeks including the render time, and above the animation, we also created the scenery surrounding the character. A small island with animated palm trees and a proper style pirate treasure in the wavy sea. And for sure, a real pirate boat was an essential feature.

We a really proud of the little hero and keep our fingers crossed that he will make it to capture back the big treasure of the royal mouse family.

Ok then, hoist anchor, cast off and have a look at the intro if you like: