Nina Markiewicz

Dipl.-Des. Nina Markiewicz

saw the light of day close to Hannover in 1979. In fact, she always wanted to become a costume-dressmaker and didn’t have computers in mind at all. That changed when she was 18, and powered up a computer for the first time and her career aspiration was immediately certain: She wanted to become a media-designer.

With her high school diploma, she applied to university at the ‘University of Applied Sciences and Arts’ with specialization to ‘multimedia’ and made it through the acceptance tests.
During her study, she tried out all design areas, from video, graphics over typography, web et al., but relatively quick she was captured and fascinated by the 3d-sector where she worked with miscellaneous 3D software for several years.

She had jobs at different companies – from florist over customer service for a big mail-order business up to 3D-Freelancer for advertising agencies.

Like that, she is happiest when she is modelling, texturing or animating. And when the Computer is rendering, she goes in for graphics, composing texts and photography. So at Eggtion, it is her turn, when it is about creativity and heart, because with her unconventional ideas and an intuitive method of operation, she is able to provide our customers with realistic visualizations on a high technical level that reflect her love to detail and great commitment.