Mark Beckmann Mark Beckmann

born in 1974 in Hannover and grown up in Bremen moved to Vienna/Austria because of his ‘Digital Art’ study in 1996.

There, after being the Art Director of a small-, and the media editor of a big TV broadcasting corporation, earning his living as a self-employed in the ‘new media’ sector: graphics/design, video, web/perl, programming.

In his free time he takes care of the Cinema 4D Forum that is part of the online-community and additionally acts as a successful tutorial author. In real life, he really likes to impart knowledge and amongst other things, he held courses for students at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

At Eggtion, due to his diversified studies, his passion to new media, a talented filmic eye and large technical expertise and creativity, he plays the part of the creative head, who best likes to produce 3D-animations, videos and DVDS. In addition, he is a wonderful website programmer who can even solve the trickiest programmer-job with his logical thought. He combines all these skills instictively and thereby offers a wide range of technical competence and design-comprehension that is prepared for every challenge.